Alpine Butterfly Loop

How to tie an Alpine Butterfly Loop

The Alpine Butterfly Loop is forms a loop mid-line. The loop can take equal loads on both ends of the fishing line, and on the loop. The alpine butterfly loop can be used to attach droppers or to make several different bait rigs.

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Al from USA

Monday, 19-04-10 00:02

I have seen other videos on the same knot;however, your video made it look so simple. Thanks,

Hanny from Indonesia

Sunday, 28-03-10 13:47

Sorry to tell you this, but very slow to download

Andrew from Australia

Monday, 14-12-09 02:21

So this is the same as the Droper loop used in Paternosker rigs??

kKiafar from iran

Monday, 03-08-09 11:22

i want to about fishing


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