Alpine Butterfly Knot

How to tie an Alpine Butterfly Knot

The Alpine Butterfly Knot can be tie the same way as an alpine butterfly loop. But the alpine butterfly knot makes an end loop instead of a mid-line loop by trimming the end tag. A strong loop that is easy to tie.

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Sylvia from canada

Thursday, 03-01-13 09:49

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Bill from USA

Wednesday, 04-07-12 16:38

I'd love to see (buy) an APP for Android of your fishing knots.

such as


Steve from USA

Wednesday, 04-07-12 03:31

You need to speed up your server, big time!
It takes forever to download, that it's difficult to repeat the knot to learn it.

Ayob from Iran

Wednesday, 30-05-12 20:12

Vree good

Marel from EaptuaWSyOeSBkko

Monday, 02-05-11 10:20

AAFICT you've covered all the bases with this answer!

Bertie from CsMzBLMXTx

Wednesday, 27-04-11 02:39

You're the gretaest! JMHO

Jay R

Tuesday, 22-06-10 03:11

Best presentation that I have seen. I quit. I saw/read about four others.

Knot for Dummies.



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