Albright Knot

How to tie an Albright Knot

The Albright Knot is by many considered the best knot for joining two lines of greatly differnt diameters or different materials. The albright knot is a great choice for attacing monofilament to braided line. In fly fishing it is often used to join the fly line with the backing line but it can be used whenever you need to tie two fishing lines together.

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paul from australia

Thursday, 03-09-09 01:03

videos not working in joining lines

John from uk

Wednesday, 02-09-09 23:58

Nope .... this one does not work.

Terry from USA

Wednesday, 02-09-09 21:59

The video does not play!?

Dan \"The Bass Man\" from Canada

Sunday, 19-07-09 11:18

Thanks to this site I've ben able to learn here and then teach while out in the boat. The Polmar knot has been my favorite for years, particullary good while ice fishing it's simple and most important "fast".

Thanks again,,,,,

pityke from Hungary

Wednesday, 15-07-09 21:21


james shannon from usa

Wednesday, 10-06-09 01:17

Great selection of knots on your site.
How about demonstrating the reverse
albright.I found that the standard albright is insufficient when tying mono to braid for large pelagics.

tony from us

Wednesday, 22-04-09 04:56

Glad I found your site . Helped me out a great deal thanks.


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