Albright Knot

How to tie an Albright Knot

The Albright Knot is by many considered the best knot for joining two lines of greatly differnt diameters or different materials. The albright knot is a great choice for attacing monofilament to braided line. In fly fishing it is often used to join the fly line with the backing line but it can be used whenever you need to tie two fishing lines together.

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Joel from USA

Saturday, 29-05-10 20:51

Great, simple videos!

Mansuet from Malaysia

Tuesday, 04-05-10 17:24

Not good for joining braided line to mono.

Darry from USA

Friday, 02-04-10 21:58

I find that tying plastic fly line to a leader the knot slips if you don't make a lot of turns, at least 12-15.

Rick from Uk

Wednesday, 31-03-10 21:22

Great site

Ben from Australia

Monday, 08-02-10 06:27

Great site. Thanks a lot. I have found this knot to be very good in all situations. For large pelagics, using braid to monofilament, one must use many more turns of the braid. At least double the amount of the standard knot. That is at least 20 but more is better.

mark from Australia

Sunday, 03-01-10 06:18

great site, thanks

Paul from Australia

Tuesday, 15-09-09 10:19

Still having probs with allbright knot, l can now get it but it semms to stop and start alot and never used too...
Regards Paul


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