Albright Knot

How to tie an Albright Knot

The Albright Knot is by many considered the best knot for joining two lines of greatly differnt diameters or different materials. The albright knot is a great choice for attacing monofilament to braided line. In fly fishing it is often used to join the fly line with the backing line but it can be used whenever you need to tie two fishing lines together.

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Mulepen from USA

Tuesday, 04-09-12 16:09

I use braid and monofilament both, and it is great to learn a knot or two when trying to join them. Thanks !!

mike from malta

Sunday, 19-08-12 01:22

Great site !Many thanks.

Korndad from USA

Friday, 22-06-12 19:54

You rock, dude!

Gary Forcht from U.S.A.

Thursday, 14-06-12 07:41

Best darn website me and my fishing pole have ever run into !!

MIchael from Austria

Friday, 02-03-12 22:17

Bro, your videos are just great. All the fly fishing knots helped me out a lot. Keep up the good work. THX! greetz from Vienna


Friday, 03-02-12 12:35

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Monday, 26-09-11 00:52

what is your country of origin? cant place the accent


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